To My Friend On Her Wedding Day: Brittney


My Dearest Britney, Brit, Bee, TwinkleToes, Brittney My Love,

IMG_2888I am so excited and honored to be apart of your day. Thank you so much for including me.

Your friendship is one that I value greatly.  I look back on our memories with so much fondness. We were so different; you were a tall basketball star, and I was a tiny cheerleader. But we had sooooo much fun together. You bring out a side of me that few people ever get to see. I do not laugh with anyone the way I laugh with you.You know me in a way many people do not, because we have been through so much together. High school encapsulated some of the darkest years of my life, and you were such a faithful friend through that time. You listened to me, prayed for me, and encouraged me. We have been to too many funerals together, but I keenly remember you sitting next to me, rubbing my back, and holding me as I cried. I do not know what I would have done without your comfort.

We have known each other since we were 13, but it was freshman year that we got really close. We took Miss Cunningham’s English class, whom for reasons that escape my mind, we started calling “Daughter.” After reading Romeo and Juliet, we started speaking Shakespearean, and often snuck into her classroom during lunch to write, “Daughter, Daughter, wherefore art thou Daughter?” on her chalkboard. We were weird. We quickly became her favorites and even started a journal between the three of us in which we wrote about our lives and especially our guy drama (there was never a shortage of that) and made up our own language with ridiculous words and hilarious inside jokes. Every day was an adventure in that class. I laugh out loud every time I think about us acting out the Helen Keller story, with you playing Helen and me playing Anne. You made some really interesting sounds and took your role very seriously. We ate goldfish and white cheddar cheez-itz every day, and always found reasons to laugh obnoxiously. Eventually she had to separate us because we were too chatty. (Imagine that.) However, I am pretty sure we found a way to communicate across the room using our own version of sign language and unique facial expressions.

I remember the summer in which we hardly saw each other because we were both out of town. You called me as soon as you were home and we met in the middle of our secret trail that was between our houses and literally ran to each other. So dramatic.

You and I always seemed to manage to get in trouble together. Our parents, whom we called “Amish-Nazis”, always discovered our ploys. My favorite was the time we got caught driving together when you had not had your license long enough. I had mine and was perfectly capable of driving myself back to school after lunch, but we wanted to ride together. So we snuck into your truck, and unbeknownst to us, your dad was driving behind us. The next thing I knew you grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head onto the seat in hopes that your dad would not notice that I was in your car. He did, and we were grounded indefinitely. Then there was the day we stupidly decided to race our cars up Sweet Lane. Again, your dad was driving right behind us (That guy was everywhere!) and we were driving too fast to notice. I am pretty sure your dad had my dad’s number on speed dial. We both came home to the same words: “You’re grounded.” Of course, there were the times we told our parents we were at each other’s house, when we were both somewhere else entirely. That was dumb, considering we were neighbors and our dads had telepathic powers. Fortunately, they never found out about the time that me, you, and Lysha snuck out of her house, stole her mom’s car, and did loops around town while playing the “WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY” song at the top of our lungs. We were 15. Sorry parentals.

One day we sat on your couch, drank hot chocolate and ate your mom’s famous caramel corn, as she told us about her adventures backpacking through Europe. We made a pact with each other that we would travel in Europe together someday. Then we graduated highscool, and I moved away; life went on. I think we even forgot about the pact, but our dream came true two years ago. We have only seen each other three times since graduation (so sad) and one of those time was in Europe. I was studying abroad in Paris for the summer and you messaged me saying you were headed to Germany. Neither of us knew if the scheduling was going to work out but much to my delight I spent my last week in Europe with you. We stayed up till 3 am in the morning every night catching up on the years of life that we had missed. We visited some wonderful places in Germany and then I got to show you my favorite parts of Paris. I often think of us eating ice cream in the Jardin du Luxembourg; it is one of my favorite memories with you. How cool that a dream we had built in our minds when we were 15 came true when we were 25?

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You are a treasure of a woman. I admire the drive and perseverance you demonstrate in the pursuit of your goals. You inspire me in many ways. I am absolutely thrilled that you found such a good man. You deserve to be treasured and I know Casey will love and take care of you for the rest of your life. Thank you so much for including me in your day. I am honored to stand by your side on this day, and will continue to do so through your marriage.

I love you, Brit.


Jen, Glitterbug, Jenaaay

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  1. Fun blog, Jenny. You’ve got great memories and precious friends in the process. Or is it the other way around: great friends who create great memories?

  2. hi there,

    stumble upon your blog, reading the blogs you wrote for friend’s wedding somehow brings warmth.

    guess i can relate to it as ine of my closed best buddy getting marry tomorrow.

    you’re truly a friend that hard to find..

    nice blog you have =D


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