SERIES: Devotion # 3 The Product of Devotion


As I write this series, God is teaching me to view devotion through a different lens. I will expound upon it more in my next post, but to summarize, He is showing me that doing my devotions does not have to look the same every time I do them. The way He speaks to me is so multifaceted, and my love for Him can be demonstrated in different ways as well. Today I sat down to write out my prayers, and this is [part of] what came out. It should be noted that I really do not like poetry, and I am not good at it (I know, I am a disgrace to my major). I did not intend to write a poem. I really do not think it is anything special, and I do not even really want to post it. However, as I wrote, I sensed something rich pouring forth from my heart to my Savior. It was simply the product of my devotion. So I post it here, if for nothing else than to convey to you that God knows your heart, and receives the love that seeps out of it in whatever form it takes, as long as it is genuine.

I sit at the feet of my Love

I kiss You with my tears

I seek You with my heart

I search You with my mind

I see You with my soul

And I just long for more.

I wait for You to speak

Knowing one Word from You

would change everything

One touch from Your hand would heal me

And one glance from Your eyes would shift my heart


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  1. Beautiful poem; certainly reflective of a worshiping heart!

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