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Lately I have desired to be used by God, and challenged to be bolder in sharing my faith with other people.

I have been in college for over three years, and the longer I am in school, the more pointless it seems. I have been challenged with my attitude recently, and have concluded that God’s purpose for me in school is beyond the typical expectations of college students. God simply has a different lesson plan for me. I want to look beyond my own limitations and frustrations to see life through the lens of His eyes. I realize that the only way I will get through college is if I gain a broader perspective. I want to have Kingdom eyes when I walk on campus.

On the drive to school this morning I told God that I would pray for and/prophecy over someone everyday if He helped me get through school. I said it as more of a joke than a bargain, but I was sincere.

I walked into the lecture hall of my Developmental Psychology class and sat down. I recognized the girl sitting next to me from a class I ended up not getting into at the beginning of the semester. I knew right away that she was the one I was supposed to talk to. I really love and care about people, but I am a classic introvert. Approaching a stranger is not my favorite past-time. I was hoping God would tell me what I was supposed to say to her, even though that is not usually the way He has me do things. He prefers to utilize the “Just go and I will tell you after” approach.

After class was over, I asked what she was doing and if she could talk. She awkwardly consented, and I am sure it sounded random and crazy. I did my best to make small talk as I looked for a good place to go, and simultaneously asked God:

“What the heck am I supposed to say to this girl?!”

I got nothin.

We sat down in the sunshine and I still had no idea what to say, which I found annoying. I smiled big and simply asked if she believed in God. She said she did, so I said:

“Okay, if you feel comfortable, can you tell me where you are at in your relationship with Him?”

She said she had ups and downs, doubts about her future, and got confused about things He did, especially when people died.

I smiled and said, “Yeah. Me, too. I think God wants you to know how much He loves you. So much that those things won’t make you feel so up and down. He really is good, and He is a good Dad.”

She said, “I have been trying sooo hard.”

I said, “Stop trying. What He wants to show you is not about you trying; it is about letting Him love you. He wants to increase your faith.”

She said, “Wow this has never happened to me before. It is like you are a messenger giving me a message.” She cried.

I said, “Yup, He had something He wanted to tell you today. Can I pray for you?” She consented. I asked if I could put my hand on her shoulder, and she said, “Yeah…sure. What do I do? I have never done this before. Do I close my eyes? I am not sure what to do with my hands, but this is so cool!”

I laughed and said, “Do whatever you want. Just hang out. I am just going to ask God if He has anything to say to you, and ask Him to bless you. I am going to take a minute to be quiet and ask Him what He wants to do, okay? Then I will pray and we will just see what happens.”

I prayed a very basic prayer. I simply asked that God would implant peace in her heart and her mind. As I prayed I asked God if there was something He wanted to show her (a picture) or something He wanted to say to her. All I heard was the word “shifting.”

So, I prayed for a few minutes. I did not receive anything monumental, and I did not get a vision from God.

I ended, and asked her how she felt. She said as soon as I put my hand on her shoulder and prayed, she felt another hand on her other shoulder and the deepest peace she has ever felt in her life. She said, “Someone else was there!”

I could not hold my excitement as I spread my arms wide and exclaimed, “THAT WAS JESUS!!!” really loud. I am sure the people around us heard.

She laughed and said, “I think so, too!”

I told her I felt like something shifted in her… Like something was implanted and changed in her heart, and from this day forward, she would be different. She agreed and said, “That makes so much sense! It was like God wanted to talk to me!”

I said, “He sure did. You are a stranger; I know nothing about you, and did not even know that you believed in God. I just knew I was supposed to talk to you when you sat by me in class. Be encouraged. God wanted to reach out to you today and remind you that He loves you. He thinks about you. He takes notice of you, and wants you to be aware of Him the way that He is aware of you.”

She apologized for having questions and being inexperienced. I told her I am a patient person, and I could talk about God all day long. I felt the love of God for this girl and wanted to wrap her in my arms and hug her, but I did not want to freak her out. She thanked me repeatedly, and wished me luck studying for the test, and walked away.

As I drove home this morning, I was reminded of a word that someone had for me recently. It was about changing my eyes to see what God sees. I smiled as I realized that word was already coming to fruition.  Not only did this girl get a reminder from a sweet Father that she is loved, I got reminded that God is near and involved in my life as I continue to shift my eyes toward His Kingdom, and away from myself.

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  1. Very encouraging thank you for sharing! I too was able to unexpectedly pray for someone and speak into his life during a morning run recently. it’s so easy to fall into the mundaneness of life so I love when God does the extraordinary. I can also relate to feeling frustrated that God’s path looks so diff than what is “normal”. I have yet to use either of my degrees and yet I know He led me to get both. His ways r so much higher than ours…

    • Your comments are always so encouraging! Thank you, Nicole. I know God has a greater plan than I can see yet. But He has His ways of making the things we do not want to be somehow fruitful.

  2. Very cool, Jenny! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Thank you for sharing this encouraging story with us and thank you for stepping out in faith!

  4. What a sweet message, Jenny, and an encouragement to us to always be asking what God would have us do. Although it took courage, and putting yourself “out there”, you reminded us that His message to others is often “simple”; in that, it’s one of Love and Hope. Thank you!

  5. Yessss! Love love love when that happens. And it really is only a matter of letting Him use us.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m smiling :0)

  6. What a very encouraging message Jen! I too am an introvert and I find it scary to talk to strangers but this has encouraged me greatly to just step out in faith and just do it. God bless you!

    • Hi Natalie,
      It scares me, too. but I am learning it really get easier every time. They are just people. And it is so nice to hear that we are loved, so why not tell them that God loves them? That is my new approach. 🙂

  7. Good job Jenny! I am moved to tears as I read this. You are growing so beautifully…I am happy to read of your relationship with our Father and the great encounter you had.
    ~With hugs,
    Niki Atherton (Mrs. Atherton)

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